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In the following Legal Warning, the corresponding contents attached to the use of the website property of Farguell INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS are established, being available at all times to Internet users.


The website has been created and owned by FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS. The registered office of FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS lays established for the purposes of the current Legal Warning in the Santander N º 11 street, 08020 – Barcelona.


The current website abides only and exclusively by the dispositions of the current Legal Warning. Therefore, the user must read and fully accept the current Legal Warning in the very moment of entering 


OBJECT- The current website has been designed to let the user be introduced to the products and services offered by FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS to their customers, giving the opportunity to Internet users to acquaint in a clear and detailed manner the products that the company makes available to its customers.


The contents made available in this website have been created employing information coming from internal sources of FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS, thereby the company will answer only to the elaborated contents and which have been made available to the Internet users. The user accesses voluntarily to this website. Access and navigation of this website imply accepting and knowing the legal warnings, conditions and terms of use linked to this website.

The mere access to this website does not imply any commercial relationship between FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS and the user.


USAGE OF THE WEBSITE – The usage of this website, let that be the usage of its information or the proposed services, attributes the individual the condition of user and supposes the whole acceptance and without reservations of each one of the General Conditions valid in the moment that you, as a user, access the website. Should you not agree to them, you must abstain yourself from its usage. The user is committed to lawful use of the website, following these General Conditions, with the correct morale, manners, respecting public order and answering to FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS, or to third parties influenced by any possible damage or harm caused by incorrect usage or non-compliance to these obligations.


FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS reserves its right to modify at any given time the presentation, settings and location of the website, likewise for the contents of itself and the conditions needed to use it. The information included in the website has been elaborated at every moment with the best of intentions, in order to inform the customer regarding FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS and the services that offer the users. The company does not assume any type of responsibility regarding the integrity and exactitude of the aforementioned information, in the same way, that Farguell will not respond in any case to third parties for any prospective error that may be present in the website.


INTELECTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY – The user recognises and accepts the fact that all the rights of industrial and intellectual property on the contents and whatever other element inserted in the website belong to FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS. Likewise, the content that the website includes, in a merely enunciative way and not exclusively, texts, photographs, graphs, images, icons, software, links and contests along those lines, as well as their graphic design and source code are all intellectual property of FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS or of third parties that have permitted the use of them to the company. The aforementioned content is protected under the national laws and international treaties relative to the rights to the intellectual property be lawfully applied. All rights of Industrial and Intelectual property regarding this website are legally reserved and the access to it or its use by the user, may not ever be misinterpreted as the bestowal of any license of usage or right to any asset whose titularity or property belongs to FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS or third parties.


The total or partial reproduction by any means of content, brands, commercial names and any other distinctive sign of any class, included those in the website, as well as the sale, grant, lease, distribution, public communication, transformation, or any other use that may be given to them, without a previous authorisation by the company of the corresponding incumbent, is utterly forbidden and will be prosecuted in both civilian and judicial matters, according to the applicable national and international treaties.


RESPONSIBILITY LIMITATIONS – the activity of FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS is limited to gather and include in its website the information relative to its services, likewise for the previous information demand requests, being the responsibility of the user to lawfully introduce its data, in an exact and truthful manner. FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS does not respond in any case, as a consequence of any possible detriment that may take place, due to the inaccuracy of them.


FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS is not responsible for giving the wrong use to this website.


FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS will not be responsible in any case of possible service interruptions, delays, errors, malfunctioning of it, and overall other inconveniences that may originate in causes out of the reach of FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS control, and/or due to a doubtful or guilty action of the user and/or has as an origin causes of a major force. In any given case, regardless of its cause, FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS will not assume any responsibility, should it be due to direct or indirect emerging damage, and/or lost profit.


FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS will have the right, without the existence of any compensation to the user for the aforementioned concepts, to suspend temporally the services and contents of the website in order to perform maintenance, improvements or repairments of it.


Regarding the information and contents included in the website to which access may be granted due to the links established in it, FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS, does not guarantee in any possible matter, neither the access in any given moment to such informations and contents, neither of their exactitude, nor their present details or updated situation, nor their suitability or utility for the user, not making ourselves responsible for the damages or misusage of any nature that may be done in the transmission, diffusion, storage, reception or access to the contents included in the website or to those given access to through the provided links when being made available to the user.


Likewise, FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS is exempted of any responsibility for any damage or harm of any nature that may be done due to the presence of a virus or other harmful elements in the website, or websites that may be given access through the established links in it, that may alter the documents, files or electronic systems of the users. 


MODIFICATION, SUSPENSION AND TERMINATION – FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS reserves its right to the unilateral modification, in any moment and without previous warning, the presentation, settings and contents of the website, as well as the conditions required for its usage, Likewise, FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS reserves its right to suspend or end in any moment without previous warning, all or part of their services offered in the website.


PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICIES- for the fulfilment of the Organic Law of 15/1999, approved on the 13th of December, regarding personal data protection and similar applicable legislation, FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS informs its customers and any other third parties that provide its personal data in spite of its policies on personal data protection policies.


APPLICABLE LEGISLATION- the present General Conditions of the website usage and all the relationships established between the user and FARGUELL INDUSTRIAS METÁLICAS will be managed by the Spanish legislation.