Industrias Farguell

At Farguell Group we are specialists in the design and manufacture of metal components for the industrial sector.

Since 1943 we have remained faithful to our commitment to our customers, at Farguell Group we are motivated by continuous growth and innovation.

Thanks to our experience and location in Europe, we collaborate as Tier 2 for a great majority of Tier 1. Given our flexibility, we adapt to the different markets, achieving a product diversification and offering our characteristic level of satisfaction with our services.

In 2018 we turned 75 years old; throughout these years we have always managed to adapt to the ever-changing market requirements, always supported and backed by the trust we have been offered by our customers.

We count on three production centers in Europe

We optimize both the service and the logistics cost depending on the final assembly plants of our customers.

Thanks to the location of our Slovak plant, we have been enabled to participate in a great number of state of the art projects, chiefly for the automotive industry. This advantage has allowed us to situate ourselves close to the new vehicle assembly plants implemented throughout the Centre of Europe.


2019 - 2017

New investments

- 630tn SERVO press - 315tn press - New Trumpf fiber laser - New welding production line for FRONT END products - New TOX cells

2016 - 2014

Increase of Farguell Nitra’s capacity

- Acquisition of new greenfield (overall 26000m2) - Second construction phase (up to 6200m2)

2013 - 2010

Automotive market

+50% increase in automotive sector sales

2008 - 2002

+ 50% increase in export sales

The first year when exports represented more than 50% of the sales. Plan to set up a new plant in the Center of Europe.


Premio Calidad Industrial

En 1996 recibimos el Reconocimiento de la Generalitat de Catalunya de "Calidad Industrial". Trabajamos siempre con el objetivo de maximizar la calidad y adecuarla a las necesidades de nuestros clientes


1ª máquina de corte láser en España

En 1983 iniciamos el proceso de corte por láser, siendo la primera empresa en España que adquiría una máquina de estas características


Inicio Farguell

Farguell inicia su actividad en Barcelona y centra su actividad productiva en la electrónica


What do we want to be?

A group that sets an international standard that brings value to their clients through constant innovation, design, manufacturing and integration of different production processes in the development of metallic components for several industrial sectors, with a strong focus in automotive, electronics and home appliances.


How will we achieve this?

  • Exceed customer expectations by providing a distinguished service
  • Generate long term trusting relationships
  • Different locations in Europe
  • Wide array of production processes
  • “Turnkey" products
  • Cutting edge technology
  • 80 years of know-how


What guides us?

  • Strong focus on the success of our clients
  • Compromise, motivation, honesty and hard work
  • Creating employment and promoting career development
  • Compromised with security and the environment.

Farguell is a company focused on offering a quality global service.

Being a Full-Service Supplier, we collaborate with OEMs to support our Tier1 customers.